ACLU Puts Texas on Notice

Texas’ Merry Christmas Bill now sits on Governor Perry’s desk but the ink won’t get dry on his signature before the ACLU is heard on the issue of Christmas in Texas public schools. Celebrating the dual legislative win the bill’s sponsor, State Representative Dwayne Bohac of Houston, declared Texas schools safe for saying “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Hannukah”.

He got the idea for the bill last December when he picked his 6-year-old up from school.

“I asked him how his day was. He told me excitedly that they had decorated the holiday tree with holiday ornaments,” Bohac said. “I was a little bit flabbergasted and a little bit upset that we’ve become so politically correct that we can’t call a federal holiday by its name.”

The bill is designed to discourage out-of-state organizations from engaging school districts in frivolous lawsuits.

The ACLU of Texas opposed the bill. ACLU Spokesperson Tom Hargis, gave local media the following statement:

“We hope administrators and teachers remain mindful that it is of utmost importance that it’s parents who teach their children about matters of faith, not public schools.” He says the ACLU will be monitoring how this plays out during the upcoming school year.

Bohac will too.

“I think there are too many scrooges. Hopefully House Bill 308 will add more magic to the season,” Bohac said.

Will Texas end up being a battle ground for the War on Christmas in 2013? It has been a hot bed of activity for the past two seasons. Despite the new law — or perhaps now because of it — there is no reason to believe it will not continue.

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