There is NO WAR on Christmas

the_war_on_christmas_heats_up95 per cent of all people don’t believe there is a “war on Christmas”.

This is from no small survey. This is from a simple question posed to hundreds of thousands of people from around the world for more than a decade.

There is no split in this figure among men vs. women. English speakers versus non-English speakers see it identically. Wealthy respondents said the same thing as those who claim to be economically challenged: the “war on Christmas” just doesn’t exist.

Even those who classify themselves as non-religious declare the same thing as those who are self-described as devout Christians — Christmas is hardly controversial.  

Similar numbers of folks believe that Christmas can be celebrated in public and that it just doesn’t offend those who either don’t celebrate the season or simply do not believe in Jesus Christ.

In fact, 95% of non-Christian respondents to our surveys say there is nothing about Christmas that offends them (and a whopping 69% of non-Christian respondents say they celebrate Christmas anyway!)

More than 90% see Christmas as a non-issue in public schools. More than 90% think government should regulate that secular Christmas decorations, activities, music and other seasonal elements remain a part of societal observance of the season. 

And a solid 95% — across all demographics — surveyed that Christmas is used as a means to drive political agendas and is seasonally exploited merely for media attention.

So why all the fuss?

What’s really going on is a War on Religion, not a war on Christmas.

Christmas is view by those who attack it as a means of religious promotion.

They twist the Constitution of the United States to define the mere mention of “Christmas” as an endorsement or establishment of religion. They say that religion is being forced on them with public displays of Christmas on government property or associated with government-run institutions.

They cite the First Amendment — which says that Congress will not establish a religion — as a means of justification for their protests.

It is, ironically, the First Amendment that also guarantees the right of free speech.

Through their protests they hope for the establishment of a completely godlessness upon society.

In other words, their protests of endorsing a ban on Christmas are used to impose their beliefs on all others.

This circular argument gets played out every year around Christmas.

And like all circular arguments it goes nowhere.

Clouding the issue is that on some fronts their arguments are correct: Christmas as a religious entity has NO place in public schools. The schools have a hard enough time teaching reading, writing and revisionist history to accurately convey the religious significance of Christmas from all viewpoints.

Christmas is both a modern sacred AND secular observance. It is not one or the other. It is both.

And it belongs to everyone no matter how they celebrate it or why. Christmas is everywhere in each season and it is more popular than ever. It isn’t going anywhere.

That’s why there is no war on Christmas. It is merely an annual battle in the ongoing war against religion.

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