84 Percent of Americans Think the War on Christmas is Bogus

The latest survey from My Merry Christmas.com reveals attitudes of the general public about the so-called War on Christmas: 84 percent, in fact, can’t call it a war at all. More than 4500 people from seven metropolitan areas of the country were surveyed and nearly 90% of them say the annual hype about the War on Christmas is just that — hype meant to drive political agendas.

For those who don’t take the time to really study DefendChristmas.com (this site), you’ll find we aren’t at all surprised with these results. In fact, we’ve been saying that for years. If we’re advocating anything here it is The War on the War on Christmas that we’re all about. Nevertheless, we’ll get the snide comments and snotty emails as we do every holiday season by folks perceiving that we’re beating war drums here on a bogus war on Christmas.

Like the respondents of the survey, we do NOT feel there is a War on Christmas. And like the survey respondents, we also feel a Christmas tree should be called a Christmas tree. And we’re not bothered in the least by the words “Happy Holidays”.

It is nice to see there are so many out there who agree with us. We were beginning to think people thought the war on Christmas was actually real.

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