Target Puts the Creep in Retailing

Target Puts the Creep in Retailing

The Washington Post, NBC News and even Drudge Report all bought into Target’s headline fight against “Christmas Creep”. From coast to coast, Target made news by slamming Christmas.

But walk into any Target anywhere in the world and what do you see? Wall to wall Christmas. And it has been up on Target shelves since August.

What gives?

Is Target really fighting Christmas creep? Or are they merely trying to pull a fast one?

It’s worse than that.

They are lying.

The socially sensitive and politically active Target just can’t seem to get it’s message right. “Christmas creep”, to them, evidently means that customers don’t want to see Christmas ads in October.

For two days now Target – and those who haven’t done any homework – are congratulating Target for ‘focusing on Thanksgiving’ – instead of Christmas in late October and early November.

Memo to Target: That’s not what Christmas creep is.

You can’t claim to be a warrior against Christmas creep while displaying nothing but Christmas all over the store.

Target has out the Christmas cards, the lights, the decorations, the clothes and the foods. Christmas is everywhere at Target. Right now. And this makes them ‘focusing more on Thanksgiving’?

I don’t see Thanksgiving sweaters or cards or special Oreos or CDs. There are not Thanksgiving trees, or lights and what passes for décor in Thanksgiving at Target is enough to make a pilgrim throw up.

This same company – Target – famously hijacked Black Friday in 2011 by moving it’s door buster deals to the weekend after Halloween.

Now they expect us to believe they’ve given all that up – for the sake of focusing on Thanksgiving?

Nobody is that stupid, Target.

Here’s what is really going on: Target is waving the white flag of surrender to the big boys in Christmas retailing. They give up.

What they are saying is that you won’t see a Christmas ad or sale from Target until the day after Thanksgiving. With this politically correct move what they’ve done is essence is save millions of dollars from advertising against the likes of Walmart for the first 24 days of November.

It’s called the Nordstrom’s Approach to Christmas Retailing.

Every November Nordstrom’s hangs a snotty sign in their windows declaring, in sanctimonious tones, that they celebrate their holidays one at time and Christmas of any sort won’t appear in their stores until after Thanksgiving is done.

Forget the fact that on every Nordstrom website and catalogue there’s nothing but Christmas galore to be had from August forward.

That’s what Target is doing – waving the moralistic hand on the left while picking your Christmas pocket on the right.

It more than smacks of hypocrisy.

It means that Target thinks everyone is dumb.

It is difficult to fathom the thinking behind such a move. But then again, maybe it’s not.

This is the same company that gave us the Christmas credit card breach to millions of people, who turned transgender bathrooms into a debate that only pedophiles shop at Target, and who kicked bell ringing Santas from its doorsteps.

Target sure has a lot of faith in their signage. They entered the gun control debate with a sign that they are sure will stop conceal carry patrons from entering their stores.

And don’t forget, if an item or a brand that bears a Confederate flag in their logo or designs – it cannot be sold at Target.

When it comes to social statements we’d rather just see Target shut up. They just can’t get their crap together.

Christmas Creep isn’t a thing. We’ve been saying it for years.

But since Target insists that it is a thing we think they should put their money where their mouth is: box up every damn Christmas product in that store and don’t bring it out until Thanksgiving is over.

Until you do that, you’re liars, hypocrites and thieves – to everyone.

You Label Yourself Each Time You Say Merry Christmas

You Label Yourself Each Time You Say Merry Christmas

Like it or not, Christmas can no longer be separated from politics.

From Sarah Palin to Bill O’Reilly, the warriors have been famous and prolific. But for years any fan of Christmas could rise above the political din. You could “agree” with controversial public figures who embrace Christmas without being really associated with them.

Now comes President Donald Trump.

He is brash, his mouth knows no limit, he tweets incessantly, and he is quickly becoming known as the Great Divider. Oh, and he loves Christmas.

This is the change in the war on Christmas we have warned you about.

Before, you could say “Merry Christmas” and people would just call it your belief — your personal brand of celebration. No harm, no foul.

But, thanks to Donald Trump and the polarized divisions politically in the world if you agree with him on anything you will bear his brand — no matter how it is perceived.

We’ve heard about it already.

Our website is simply titled, “Defend Christmas”.

We’re not about politics.

Yet, since the election of Donald Trump we have seen a huge rush of lawsuits thrown our way. Threats, too.

What’s changed?

Donald Trump.

We don’t endorse Trump. And if you must know, NO, I didn’t vote for the guy (and I would never vote for HER, just to be guilty of full disclosure here).

But that doesn’t matter because our job here is to DEFEND CHRISTMAS.

But it has changed now.

If you are a Christmas defender be prepared for what now comes with it. It is an all new level of anti-Christmas vitriol because it is now, more than ever, a political statement. If you defend Christmas, if you say Merry Christmas, if you celebrate the traditional American Christmas you are going to be labeled as Pro-Trump.

That will make you as big a blowhard, as big a bigot, as big a nightmare as President Donald Trump.

Officially, we say, take it.

Defending Christmas is, in the end, even bigger than The Donald.

But we don’t appreciate it. Bearing what we bear simply because we defend Christmas is bad enough. But now to bear the label of Donald Trump our jobs just became a lot more difficult.