The British Battle Over Christmas Creep

The British Battle Over Christmas Creep

Nobody celebrates Christmas like the British. They may say “Happy Christmas” instead of “Merry Christmas” and they embrace Christmas pudding as a holiday food but pound for pound they are just as Christmas crazy as anyone. So the fights against Christmas in Britain are just as real as they are anywhere else — even when it comes to nonsensical things like Christmas Creep.

One of the more unique UK traditions is the lighting of streets in busy shopping districts. It’s a huge deal. Big budget money is set aside for these events and lighting ceremonies featuring celebrities is quite common. Light a street for Christmas in the UK and the undeniable message is for folks to get Christmas shopping. And, of course, the street lighting ceremonies “get earlier and earlier each year”.

The media in Great Britain has done exhaustive scientific research and they have concluded that if things continue on their current track they will be celebrating Santa in July by the year 2100. Seriously. See the chart below:


This is Quartz’s Christmas Creep Calculator. Quartz is a UK publisher with huge concerns about Christmas lights on UK streets and the damaging affects they have on morality, global warming, organic fruit, and the occurrence of liver cancer in neighborhood cats.

Of course, they decry anything remotely associated with the American Christmas:

The UK has recently imported the “Black Friday” tradition from the US, despite the day after Thanksgiving having no particular significance in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

Newsflash to Quartz: Christmas in July in the USA is already a thing. It has been for over a century.

Get over it.

Georgia Non-Profit Bans Christmas Trees as a Religious Symbol

Georgia Non-Profit Bans Christmas Trees as a Religious Symbol

A 22-year tradition in Georgia is no more — and all because the governing board of a non-profit believes a Christmas tree is a religious symbol.

The annual “Light Up Dunwoody” Christmas event has been canceled and now moved from Dunwoody, GA — located a short distance north east of Atlanta.

The event was sponsored by the Dunwoody Homeowner’s Association and is usually held at the preservation trust’s farm house. In addition to lighting the Christmas tree this year, the homeowners association wanted to light a six foot menorah.

“We were concerned about putting the menorah on the lawn,“ said Melanie Williams of the Dunwoody Preservation Trust. “We really wanted to be inclusive of everyone. We didn’t want to display things that would reflect exclusivity.”

They made the request last year for the menorah but was denied then because of short notice. So they requested early this year and ended up losing not only the menorah but now the Christmas tree — and that’s because the board somehow feels the Christmas tree is a religious symbol.

Williams said the board didn’t want to exclude any member of the community so it decided to ban all non-secular symbols. In a statement released to local media the board asks that the homeowners association move the tree somewhere else. Absent from the statement was the admission that the Christmas tree was the dominating feature of the event.

The homeowners association president, Robert Wittenstein, said he’s disappointed in the Preservation Trust’s decision and has decided to move the event elsewhere.

“It’s hard for us to reconcile a desire not to have the Christmas tree because its potentially a religious symbol, but welcome Santa and the reindeer,” said Wittenstein.

In a rather funny twist to this story the Preservation Trust board didn’t want publicity over the disagreement and local media reports they made threats against the home owners association if bad publicity was the result. Looks like someone will have to make good on those threats.

It would be important to note that at no time in this debate has there been raised the issue of Church versus State. This is a case of pure religious exclusion and discrimination by the Preservation Trust. In their effort to be inclusive they have managed to say that religion is to be excluded simply because it is religion.

Perhaps someone should educate the Preservation Trust about what the Supreme Court says about the Christmas tree — that it is NOT a religious symbol.

That simple knowledge could resolve this whole situation.

HuffPo Complains About Christmas Creep in FoxNews

HuffPo Complains About Christmas Creep in FoxNews

We are as critical of Fox News as anyone. But this is one we just don’t get.

Huffington Post is complaining now that Fox News is reporting “the war on Christmas” too early — a weird kind of Christmas creep complaint.

Can Fox control when news breaks?

Really. The story coming out of Elkhart, Indiana has been in the news cycle since Labor Day. The school didn’t ask for the letter or lawsuit from the FFRF. And Fox didn’t rush to report on it either.

But it IS news — and darn if it isn’t a genuine concern to people who live in Indiana that have been celebrating the Christmas for the same way for decades only to have someone from out of state come in and accuse them of holding “an illegal Christmas celebration” (That still gets me. What are they going to do, give them a ticket?)

Like it or not, it’s happening, HuffPo. In October. We know you’re not supposed to complain about the phony war on Christmas until November. But the FFRF broke the rules here.

Whether HuffPo agrees with it or not — why get on Fox News for reporting it? After all, the story was covered as well on MSNBC. And the LA Times. And the Washington Post. So who is really guilty here?

What exactly is Fox guilty of? The War on Christmas knows no season — unless you’re an Atheist organization.

The FFRF only talks about Christmas until January 1, then they drop it until…Labor Day.

The FFRF forgets about Christmas between New Year’s and Labor Day.

Then it becomes pray and cross season, when they go after anyone praying in public or displaying a cross.

Christmas comes around for the free-for-all that it is between Labor Day and New Year’s.

HuffPo should KNOW this. They are one of the agenda drivers.

This really showcases how the media craps all over themselves to justify the agenda. The phony War on Christmas stuff isn’t supposed to happen during the phony Christmas creep season.

Man, this is getting surreal.


Portland Schools Kill Christmas Performances After FFRF Threat

Portland Schools Kill Christmas Performances After FFRF Threat

The threatening letters from FFRF continue to swamp school districts around the country.

The Blaze is reporting today that several schools in Portland, Oregon will now back out from performing at a choral festival called Grotto’s Christmas Festival of Lights, a traditional event the schools have participated in for years. The Grotto is evidently sponsored by the Catholic Church.

As usual, the FFRF claims a student complained to them — continuing an amazing trend of anonymous complaints that nobody can identify.

While Portland schools caved quickly others are taking up the fight. In Elkhart, Indiana a school district claimed performance and attendance at these events were optional and thus not a violation of any law. They appear willing to go to court over the matter.

Expect a lot more schools to fall victim to FFRF complaints and threats of lawsuits.