Michigan Town Wants to Donate Giant Nativity After Threats

Michigan Town Wants to Donate Giant Nativity After Threats

Small-town America is under assault from out-of-state threats of lawsuits and it is changing the way locals celebrate Christmas. Grand Haven, Michigan has for more than 50 years placed a giant nativity scene on a prominent local hill every holiday season — without complaint.

But the city received a threat of a lawsuit from a Washington DC activist group called Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. Now the city is getting rid of the nativity and closing off the hill from all public displays.

This is not your average nativity scene. Pieces of the collection are as tall as 18-feet and made of porcelain.

An annual Christmas attraction for many local families, the Giant Nativity Scene has other local historical ties, Radtke noted.

“It was manufactured locally by Challenge Porcelain,” he said. “It’s a part of local history, so it is something that we should preserve.”

A local museum has been asked to accept the collection and perhaps work with other local groups in displaying it each year. It won’t go on the hill and the city would not be able to have a part in the tradition.

A for the cost of a threatened lawsuit.

And we note: separation of Church and State is STILL not in the Constitution.

UK Debates Christmas Creep

UK Debates Christmas Creep

Christmas might be more popular in the UK than even in the United States. That does not mean they are not above arguing about it.

Dueling news shows the fight against Christmas is as pervasive there as it is in the USA. Express is reporting today that 20 percent of Brits begin their Christmas shopping in July while a pub in Milton Keynes is taking heat for putting up a — gasp! — Christmas tree in July to promote the booking of holiday events. Where will all this insanity lead?

The Express notes:

While you might be (understandably) shocked by this figure, the news that one in five Brits claim to have already started planning for the festive season has broken.

How will they ever get over the shock? But nothing matches the outrage at seeing a fully decorated Christmas tree in July.

A Harvester in Milton Keynes has put up its Christmas tree – complete with baubles and tinsel – more than five months early. Shocked customers were greeted by the festive decoration at the popular pub-restaurant this week and encouraged to book early for their Christmas lunch.

Christmas has been celebrated in England for better than 1500 years. You have to wonder when the “shock” will wear off.

Houston TV Station Flips Over Christmas on Shelves in July

Houston TV Station Flips Over Christmas on Shelves in July

55773137Houston television station KPRC flipped out over Christmas decorations just beginning to show up on shelves there on July 15th. Ironically, they reported this news during a segment on Amazon’s “Prime Day” which is billed as being bigger than Black Friday. Here’s a brief transcript of their shock over seeing Christmas in July:


Memo to the media: it’s not starting earlier than ever. It has ALWAYS been done this way. This isn’t news and it is not anything to be alarmed about. Christmas is coming, yes, but the world is not going to end. Go back covering the elections that do not happen for another 18 months.

Florida Festivus Pole Goes Gay to Bug Christians

Florida Festivus Pole Goes Gay to Bug Christians

For several years we have documented the efforts of self-proclaimed “militant atheist” Chaz Stevens and his efforts to place a Festivus pole in the Florida State rotunda to counter all the Christmas trees and Nativities placed there every holiday season. In 2013 Stevens expressed open amusement when his Festivus pole made from Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans made national news. This year Stevens plans to take it to the next level in poking Christians in the eye: the Festivus Pole will be going gay.

Stevens has decided that this year’s Festivus pole will be a celebration of the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling making same-sex marriage legal across the country.

“It’s the rainbow gay edition,” Stevens says. “A project we’ve lovingly entitled ‘We’ve Gone Completely Gay!’”

The so-called “rainbow gay edition” Festivus pole will have a few additions to it, including making the pole taller. The new pole will be covered in what Stevens calls a “durable, all-weather condom” made from a nylon LGBT flag. Stevens also has plans to install a small solar-powered disco light at the top of the pole. The idea is to use the solar power generated from the ball to have the song “It’s Raining Men” blast from a speaker at 5 p.m. every day the pole is up.

“My lawyer seems confident we can find a low-current motor, MP3, and timer to make this a reality,” he tells New Times.

Stevens says he’s already filled out the necessary paperwork and is awaiting word from Tallahassee for approval. And while he’s looking for a way to celebrate the SCOTUS gay marriage ruling, the central goal seems to remain a desire to stick it to those who oppose anything but Christian-themed displays in the rotunda during the holidays. He is joined in his efforts with displays from a Satanic church and another atheist-themed display from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Stevens says he’s interested in hearing what Pam Olsen, president of Florida Prayer Network, has to say about his new pole. It’s Olsen and her group that set up the Nativity scene at the rotunda along with a ceremony that includes a singing of Christmas carols every December.

“We’ll need to reach out to her and see what she, and Jesus H. Christ, think about having another erection in the bowels of the state Capitol rotunda,” Stevens says.

This will be but one of many anti-Christian efforts at Christmas in the upcoming season. The gay marriage debate, newly empowered by the SCOTUS decision legalizing gay marriage nationwide, is morphing into a fight over religious liberty. While Christmas has been largely absent of rainbow colors that trend is about to change as efforts to attack Christianity intensify.

Confederate Flags in Christmas Parades the New Racist Issue with Christmas

Confederate Flags in Christmas Parades the New Racist Issue with Christmas

It is not just Dukes of Hazard on TV they want to ban. Now they are going after the Sons of Confederate Veterans for marching in Christmas parades. From Brunswick, Georgia comes the news of what appears to be a new wrinkle in the never ending war on Christmas: racism.

The Confederate flag has been a topic of controversy for some time now, especially during Christmas when members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans walk in the annual city parade with what some say is a racist display. “This is a symbol and a sign of a lot of pain and a lot of anger,” said Pastor Ken Adkins.

That’s why Adkins wrote a letter to several city officials, demanding the flags be taken down across Brunswick, especially during this year’s Christmas parade. “I think really it’s now time to have a discussion here in Glynn County, here in Brunswick,” said Adkins.

“If it offends people, that saddens me and my inclination would be to say it should not be used or displayed where it offends people,” said Jeff Kilgore.

But Jeff Kilgore says despite the controversy, the flag is more than just a piece of fabric, it’s history. “The flag has become controversial unfortunately and has been appropriated by hate groups and has been used inappropriately,” said Kilgore.

“Why didn’t you make the people who were using your flag as a symbol of hate and racism, why didn’t you all who said it’s my heritage, it’s my history, say something then?” said Adkins.

The annual Christmas parade in Brunswick has featured the flag and the Sons of Confederate Veterans for generations.

It has never been an issue in Brunswick — until now.

You can expect this to be just the first of several stories of Christmas parades in America that will deal with the Confederate flag this year.