New Movie Will Win the War on Christmas

New Movie Will Win the War on Christmas

Christian crusader and actor Kirk Cameron is Saving Christmas. That is the title of Cameron’s new movie that purports to fight back against those who attempt to “snuff out the holy root” of Christmas.

Samuel Goldwyn Films has set for a November 14 limited theatrical release. Cameron stars in the film which regrounds the Christmas tradition in its Biblical roots and is the first title in a new three-picture deal his CAMFAM Studios has struck with Sony Music Entertainment’s Nashville-based Provident Films. Saving Christmas also marks a re-teaming of Cameron and Samuel Goldwyn, which scored a $33 million hit with Christian audiences on his 2008 film Fireproof.

Cameron, who is also one of the film’s stars, told TheBlaze that he decided to make “Saving Christmas” to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season, while also pushing back against those who wish to “snuff out [the holiday’s] holy root.”

“Christmas is probably my favorite time of year,” he said. “It seems to be the time of year when even cranky, grumpy people seem to be touched by the spirit of generosity and kindness and brotherly love and I know that that ultimately stems from the true reason for the season, which is Christ.”

Cameron continued, “It’s obvious that there is a deliberate attempt to snuff out the holy root that has produced all this wonderful Christmas-time fruit. I think it’s about time someone spoke out and made a movie about this.”

The “Growing Pains” actor, who has gone on to direct and produce numerous faith-themed films, said that atheist activists’ attempts to diminish the true nature of the holiday by taking aim at nativities and other symbols of faith amounts to political correctness run amok.

“[It is] offensive to 90 percent of people in our country who want to see nativity scenes and who know the birth of the Christ child is the fundamental root of Christianity, which is the ideology that built this country,” Cameron said.

“Saving Christmas” isn’t an “angry rant about the culture war,” he said. Instead, it’s a celebration of the holiday and of the Christian faith.

ABC News Reports of Shocked and Startled Shoppers

ABC News Reports of Shocked and Startled Shoppers

ABC News has issued the alert: shoppers in Tampa are “startled” to see Christmas decorations up for sale at a Sam’s Club.

Even though the store manager states that “This is earlier than last year but we’ve had it up as early as July before” the article insists that shoppers “may not want to linger for long” at the Sam’s Club. (ABC didn’t get a quote from a single “startled” shopper, by the way).

In Orlando, a local TV station made a similar observation.

This non-news event is reported as news because the media has a strong anti-Christmas bias. Even though many stores promote “Christmas in July” without much media notice the presence of Christmas product on shelves in August or September coupled with advertisements promoting the season ahead seems to always gain their attention. Calling the phenomenon “Christmas creep” the media goes all out to alert the masses that Christmas is “too early”.

Many say this is an American trend. But media all over the world has jumped on it in recent years.

Here’s a complaint about a Christmas shop opening in Ireland.

And it’s not just limited to Christmas. Here is a nag about seeing pumpkin flavored goodies at Starbucks too soon. In Phoenix, they don’t like Pumpkin beer too early either.

In Australia, retailers are fighting back against the negative press, claiming that early Christmas is exactly what shoppers want.

Black Pete to Get a Makeover

Black Pete to Get a Makeover

Fighting charges of racism Amsterdam’s mayor and the organizers of traditional Christmas festivals featuring the popular figure of Black Pete will work to change his physical features. In Dutch tradition Black Pete is a sidekick to St. Nicholas often portrayed by white people in blackface with big lips and afro hair styles. For nearly 200 years the tradition of Black Pete has persisted but charges of racism surfaced last year calling the tradition into question.

Mayor Eberhard van der Laan said that Pete’s appearance will be changed over several years from his current blackface to make him look like he has been merely covered with soot from going down chimneys to deliver presents.

Black Pete has become the subject of protests in the Netherlands. Opponents say he is a caricature of an African slave carried over from colonial times – he is usually portrayed by white people wearing blackface makeup, bold red lipstick and Afro wigs.

But a large majority of the Netherlands’ mostly white population says that Pete is a positive figure and denies any racial insult.

Last month an Amsterdam court agreed with findings by a Dutch discrimination vetting board and a UN advisory panel that Black Pete’s look is offensive.

Pam Evenhuis, spokesman for the Amsterdam committee that organises the arrival of Santa Claus, or Sinterklaas in Dutch, says change is necessary to make sure the children’s festival is fun and not controversial. Details were still being debated.

“The Pete photoshoot for 2014 isn’t ready yet,” he said.

In the Dutch tradition, Sinterklaas arrives on a steamboat laden with gifts, accompanied by numerous Black Petes. More than 250,000 people attend the celebration in Amsterdam alone.

Evenhuis said it’s not possible to change Pete’s appearance drastically in just a year, as his look is engrained in the minds of Dutch adults and children.

Although Amsterdam is influential, other towns, businesses and individuals across the country may not want to change his look, the mayor added.

    Media Whines About Christmas in August

    Media Whines About Christmas in August

    Now that Christmas in July is over the media is heading out to battle in decrying the presence of Christmas in public during the summer. It has become such a tradition of Christmas they’ve actually declared a holiday about complaining of Christmas creep.

    News station 6 in Boise just posted this breathlessly worded report of the urgent news of Christmas lights in a local department store. The Consumerist, of course, has their chorus of whines already finely tuned.

    And in the UK, Christmas is everywhere in the news: in Wales, in London, and even in a pub where customers were evidently “very upset” to the point of cheering when the proprietor took down a Christmas tree put up too early. (Whew! Someone’s thinking of the kids, at least).

    Even though Christmas gets closer every day the chorus of groans and whines will only increase between now and Thanksgiving.