Where is Christmas, US Postal Service?

Where is Christmas, US Postal Service?

The USPS mailed an ad for their “holiday” stamps and proudly showcased the words Hanukkah, Kwaanza…and a gingerbread house on them. Where is Christmas?

Ooops. No wonder the postal service is bankrupt.

Did anyone in their crack research department happen to check out how many people send out mail associated with Hanukkah, Kwaanza and…gingerbread houses during the “holiday” season?

The Blaze was the first the notice the outcry in social media.

Now, it would be worthy to note that the USPS does offer Christian religious themed stamps. They have a Holy Family stamp and a Virgin and Baby stamp. They just weren’t showcased on this particular mailer.

However, as several emailers have pointed out to us nowhere in their “holiday” offering of stamps does the USPS use the word “Christmas”. Kwaanza is shown twice.

What to do? What to do? What to do?

After all, it’s not like the USPS can make the naughty lists of those who won’t say Christmas. And it is not like consumers have a choice of using a competitor to mail a Christmas card.

So they’re complaining. Loudly.

Your government at work — of the people, for the people, by the people.

Christmas Music Melodies Banned in SC Schools

Christmas Music Melodies Banned in SC Schools

South Carolina seems to be the hot bed of trouble with Christmas in schools this year.

This time the trouble appears to be internal. A school teacher at York Preparatory Academy in South Carolina directing music activities banned even instrumental melodies of Christmas carols from the school’s “Winter Concert”.

That’s right kids: don’t hum “Joy to the World” at school. That’s government shoving religion down your throats.

A student triggered the highlight of this event, taking his desire for Christmas music inclusion and bringing it to the attention of several adults and even the ACLU.

As has been demonstrated not once but TWICE this year by school districts in Wisconsin and New Jersey a school cannot just ban Christmas music just because it has a religious theme. This has been determined and established in the courts multiple times over the years.

According to World Net Daily the Alliance Defending Freedom — a well known pro-Christmas advocacy group — sent out more than 13,000 letters to school districts nationwide outlining what they courts have said for decades about Christmas music in public schools.

As we noted here earlier this year atheist/humanist groups threatened months ago to disrupt school concerts, events and activities associated with Christmas and they appear to be making good on those threats.

Expect more of this to come.

Charter School Kids to Humanists: Wanna Step Outside?

Charter School Kids to Humanists: Wanna Step Outside?

A great story is unfolding in Colorado tonight.

As reported earlier Sky View Academy charter school, like another small school counterpart in South Carolina, received a nasty-gram from the American Humanist Organization warning them not to participate in their traditional Christmas charity of choice, Operation Christmas Child.


Because Operation Christmas Child is tied to a Christian ministry. According to the twisted logic of the Humanist folks the schools sponsoring the charity event were guilty of endorsing religion, an activity they interpret is against the First Amendment. So they wrote the school and threatened to sue.

Limited on resources the school decided to comply with the demands of the American Humanist thugs.

Now for the good part:

Kids, parents, volunteers and citizens at large in Colorado packed their boxes of toys, relief materials and hygiene donations anyway — out on the public sidewalk in front of the school. According to Fox News:

Volunteers loaded shoe boxes into trucks and vans, while students held a religious liberty rally – hoisting signs condemning the humanists.

“Humanists hate kids,” read one sign. Another declared, “You won’t steal Christmas from children.”

Unruh said yesterday’s rally was a great life lesson for the young students.

“You stand up to bullies,” she said. “You don’t stand down. You stand up for your belief system.”

Is this a case where everyone wins?

After all, the kids still get their boxes, the students still perform their service and the American Humanists was key to getting it all done outside the walls of the school, right?


For the cost of a stamp the American Humanists successfully gained national attention and tons of media publicity. That the Grinch was beaten yet again is really immaterial to them. They won’t awaken tomorrow and take up the cry that a Christian organization is brainwashing poor kids half a world away, as they have been arguing all week. That was not their goal and you’ll hear nothing but silence from them as a result of this event.

They were just using those poor kids — and the good-willed students of SkyView Academy — to get their agenda passed in America: the complete removal of God from public spaces and out of the public discourse. They are forcing their beliefs on our beleaguered public institutions and they are doing it with a bully club and NOT the law.

And people wonder why states like Missouri, Texas, Alabama and Tennessee have passed such things as The Merry Christmas Bill.

TIME Sets New Record in Complaining about Christmas

TIME Sets New Record in Complaining about Christmas

Christmas this year falls on December 25th. Just like every year. Yet the media has persisted in complaining all season about “Christmas creep”. TIME magazine published on November 21st this article titled “Christmas Really is Earlier Than Ever This Year and Here’s Proof“.

We will be glad to address the points of this article on by one in simple fashion.

1. Wrong. The Kmart ad touting their layaway program was indeed 108 days before Christmas — two weeks later than their similar ad from a year ago.

2. Wrong. Those lists come out every year, usually in July. They were late this year.

3. Wrong. Those stations were late starters. Most began November 1st, just like last year.

4. Right. But Venezuela has continued a tradition of being ruled by a madman. That, and they are desperate to get out of their depression.

5. True. No two ways about it. Black Friday is dead. (And so, sadly, is Thanksgiving as a result)

6. Wrong. Tree sales have started at the same time as in the past.

How any of this is relevant to anything is beyond us. But nobody really reads TIME any way. Still, they are a news outlet and it would be nice if one of them would do a little research before they put up stuff like this. Clearly the media does not like Christmas and doesn’t want anyone else to like it either.

The only record being set this year is how LATE they continue to crap about it.

Another School Caves to Humanist Threat of Lawsuit

Another School Caves to Humanist Threat of Lawsuit

A Colorado school becomes the second in a week to curtail charitable activities associated with Operation Christmas Child.

SkyView Academy received a letter from the American Humanist Association threatening legal action if the school was a part of Operation Christmas Child, said Lorrie Grove, SkyView Academy board president.

“We felt shocked and disappointed,” she said. “It was hard to believe we were receiving a threatening letter based on the good intentions of our students.”

An email from the school to parents, informing them of the situation and decision, was sent out last week, just days before donations were scheduled to be collected.

The Samaritan’s Purse, a non-denominational Christian organization, sends shoeboxes filled with hygiene items, candy and gifts — and a Gospel message — to children around the world.

A group of SkyView students have been participating in the program for the past two years as part of their chosen community service project, Grove said.

Kimberly Saviano, president of the Humanists of Colorado, a local chapter of American Humanist Association, said she was unaware who sent the letter, but she agreed with what it said.

“I love the idea of the gifts to children, but there are certain proprieties tied with something like this, and that is when they go off the rails,” Saviano said.

The issue is not the gift, but the religious message that comes along with it, which acts as a catch for the generosity, Saviano said.

“There are places for these type of things and a public school is not one of them,” she said.

It was the SkyView board’s determination to cut ties with the program, not the district’s, said Michelle Yi, Douglas County School District spokeswoman.

“We respect that decision,” she said.

The choice may have been unanimous, but it was not an easy one to make, Grove said of the board’s move.

“It’s disappointing some meaningful efforts of our students were misinterpreted,” she said.

Some parents said they are appalled by the letter, but understand the school had to make the decision.

“It’s the definition of bullying,” said Kendal Unruh, a SkyView parent. “They know where these toys are going, and this effects innocent children all over the country.”

A rally will be held outside SkyView, on the public sidewalk, Wednesday afternoon as school gets out, in response to the letter, Unruh said.

Ruth VanSant, whose daughter Michaela was one of the founding members of the group to participate in Operation Christmas Child, said the students’ compassion has not been stifled.

“This is still happening,” she said.

Parents and students will be collecting for Operation Christmas Child before and after school, near the building on public property, VanSant said.

To get an idea of what packing a box means, please see this video featuring Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty: