Complaint Upheld of New Zealand TV Program Where Jesus is Beat Up by Santa

A New Zealand TV program that showed a “Pooman” character throwing faeces and Jesus being beaten up by Santa Claus has been found to have breached broadcasting standards.

Aucklander Cyril Lotriet complained to the Broadcasting Standards Authority following an episode of Back of the Y which aired on January 27 .

The program showed a skit involving “Jesus” being beaten up by Santa Claus.

Mr Lotriet said the Jesus skit launched an “unadulterated defamatory attack on Christianity”, that suggested Jesus was not wanted in society. He said the skit amounted to a “hate crime”.

The broadcaster, TVWorks, said none of the program’s content was meant to be taken seriously and that the target audience would have understood the farcical approach to themes like religion.

It said, given the program’s niche audience, it was unlikely that a significant number of viewers found the program offensive.

However, the Broadcasting Standards Authority said while the program was aired late at night, was targeted at a young-adult male audience, and contained warnings about the episode’s content, these factors were not sufficient to prevent it from breaching standards of good taste and decency.

The complaint was upheld.

Appeals Court Hears Case of Christmas Banned in Plano Schools

NEW ORLEANS — A federal appeals court has finished hearing arguments in the case of a suburban Dallas school district accused of banning Christmas messages and religious expression from the classroom.

Attorneys for the Plano Independent School District and a group of students presented their case Wednesday before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

Religious rights group Liberty Legal Institute represents the students. They contend Plano school officials refused to let a student hand out candy canes with a religious message, stopped students from giving invitations to church events and banned writing Merry Christmas on cards for military members overseas.

An attorney for Plano schools did not immediately comment. He has previously said the school district believes each student has a right to religious expression and pointed out Plano has students of diverse religious beliefs.

Some Worried New Christmas Carol Flick May Be a Horror Film

Early reviews of this upcoming season’s release of A Christmas Carol, starring Jim Carey and directed by Robert Zemeckis, are spurring Internet debates about just what kind of movie it will be.

Robert Zemickis said he thought people might get the wrong idea about A Christmas Carol because it is being released by Disney. “This is a movie for real movie fans, and real ghost-story fans and fans of graphic novels.”

But some reviewers, such as this one at, are finding the whole Christmas-flick-as-horror-movie a bit too much to ask:

I personally find this information puzzling. It doesn’t make that much sense to me that he is going all ghost-story with Dickens’ classic tale of family, forgiveness, charity, generosity, patience and fellowship. I’ve never really equated Charles Dickens to Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King, but that’ s not to say a “re-imagining” of the story wouldn’t be an interesting take on it though.

We’re trying to contain our mirth with such commentary. After all, Dicken’s himself called it and marketed the tale as a ghost story more than a century ago.

It is just one more sign that our modern culture is completely out of touch with our Christmas past.