20-Year Gun-Toting Santa Sign Removed After Complaints

TURLOCK, Calif. — A Santa sign at a tree farm caused the Christmas spirit to take a back seat to controversy.

The plywood wood sign in the Stanislaus County town of Turlock shows a cowboy Santa with a gun on his belt.

Some residents of the community were upset. But employees at the tree farm say the Santa has been there for 20-years and no one has ever complained before.

“It portrays to the kids that it’s ok for Santa to be carrying a gun and therefore it’s ok for them to be carrying a gun,” said concerned resident Monica Sliva.

“I think it’s pretty crazy to tell you the truth. I mean we are just trying to sell trees out. Now there is all this commotion,” said Bobby Vierra with the tree farm.

“Ever had any other complaints?”

“No, not one.”

The owners of the tree farm have since taken the display down.

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